Gomti Chakra Shree Yantra Orgone Pyramid + Herkimer Diamond

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Gomti Chakra Shree Yantra Orgone Pyramid + Herkimer Diamond 

➢ Gomti Chakra Pyramid protects against entities and EMF (electromagnetic field radiation such as WiFi, TV, Mobile phones etc).

➢ It cleans and amplifies your personal energy field and surrounding from negative energy and transforms it into a strong, positive, high and vibrant state.

➢ These objects are considered sacred by Hindus, giving wealth, health, and success. Gomti Chakra also are believed to offer protection for youngsters . auspicious and powerful Sri Yantra offers many benefits to the individual.

➢ It brings the spiritual also as material wealth. it’s the last word solution to all or any the negativity within the life, and pushes the negative energy faraway from you and your surroundings.

➢ Placing pyramids is an efficient and pocket-friendly way is sweet for curbing all the vastu defects of a house or a building.

➢ These are installed within the strategic location within the house like the centre of the house, a selected room or maybe an active key point.

➢ Herkimer Diamonds are the high power seekers of this gemstone world. These charms are transparent that have brilliant spark. These manifest solid and pure light and are also the powerful amplifiers of the spiritual power. As a perfect carrier of the Universal Life Force these are the healing crystals that are used in the vision, dream and meditation work and also the advanced spiritual applications.

➢ Among the Quartz crystals Herkimer Diamonds is the most powerful charm. This gemstone has an ability according to which it transmits its powers on its own to receive the spiritual power and also to amplify and to focus it carefully. Moreover as compared to the other Quartz, it is the hardest gemstone that imparts the durability and strength in order to handle the difficult challenges that are beyond the scope of the other Quartz gemstones.

➢ Herkimer Diamonds is also known as an Attunement Stone that is used for attuning to the other environment, group or a person. Specifically it is beneficial for the healing situations when the subject and practitioner are not up to date and is also an exceptional charm for bringing the people together who don’t like to be together as a team or in a relationship.

➢ Herkimer Diamonds is a valuable quality that has the ability to magnify and receive the power of the other talismans. It also expands a soft and small energy stone that imparts the effects and strength of the larger stone. The crystal memory is also well composed in this crystal according to which it accepts and retains the information which may get recover later also. This gemstone may also be programmed with the thoughts of healing, well being and love for the others to depict on.


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